Vascular surgery, like thoracic surgery, is a business where a large amount of technical aids and implants are needed. High demands must be put on product quality and safety in all respects. It has always been Octopus Limedic's goal to be at the forefront of this development by combining well-known technology with well-tested new products.

In recent years, Vascutek has focused on endovascular technology and expanded the range with more specialist grafts for individual operations.

Vascutek is a supplier of grafts for cardiovascular surgery. In recent years, Vasctuk has focused its production and research on specialty grafts for various surgical purposes, as well as conducting an endovascular program that recently resulted in the product Anaconda. Also a producer of the poleyster PTFE. 


Hagmed is a supplier of embolectomy catheters (Fogerty Catheters) and also produces a variety of other products for PTA and PTCA.