Thoracic surgery is an operation in which a large amount of technical aids and implants are necessary. High demands must be placed on product quality and safety in all respects. It is and always has been the Octopus Limedics goal to be at the forefront of this development by combining proven and well-tested product news in order to follow this trend.

We represent, among others, the following companies and products:CNSystems is an Austrian company specializing in developing non-invasive medical devices. Their products are designed to evaluate several different medical conditions characterized by hemodynamic and autonomic changes. With these products you get up several interesting parameters such as: continuous blood pressure and heart rate, cardiac output and stroke volume, heart rate and blodtrycksvariabilitet, baroreceptorreflex sensitivity, etc.

Sorin is a supplier of mechanical and biological heart valves. Sorin takes some time CarboMedics and Mitroflow. The factory is located in Saluggia which is about midway between Milan and Turin. A few times a year before, the factory and research for customers, often in conjunction with congresses located in the immediate area.

Medos manufactures complete hose seen for heart-lung machines. Oxygenator series "Hilite" available in 3 sizes, from newborn to adult. For long-term use are manufactured ECMO oxygenators with diffusion barriers. In addition to tubing sets and oxygenators also produced needles and VAD system.

Fumedica is a Swiss company with a full product range in terms of suturing

Smartcanula is the leading manufacturer of advanced interfaces between the circulatory system and the heart-lung bypass, the key technology for open heart surgery. In fact limits the needles with the traditional design of blood flow and large pressure drops are common on both arterial and venous side. The innovative smart cannula dialed principle, which is based on a collapsing cannula allows circumvention of such restrictions and the full pump flow can usually be accessed using only gravity drainage.

Chase Medical. Supplier of sizer balloons left ventricular reduction. Have a far-reaching partnership with the San Donato Hospital in Milan. 3-4 organizes courses in Milan each year for those who want to learn the technique.

Atricure. Developing products for the treatment of fibrillation by radio frequency (RF) and by freezing tissue (cryo). Have systems for both open and closed approach.Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, where it collaborates, inter alia, with the University of Cincinnati.AtriCure is by gathering experts in the medical industry has come to form a highly effective team with the aim to help both patients and healthcare professionals.