In this area, we represent some of the very latest innovations in medical technology. We have localised products with cutting-edge technology that has great patient and handling advantages.

We represent, among others, the following companies and products:

Biotronik operates in the cardiovascular field. The company was founded in 1963 and is headquartered in Berlin, Germany, and Lake Oswego, United States. Biotronik is a leading global supplier of products within the heart vessel, and globally one of the three largest suppliers of pacemakers. Biotronik has over 2,200 employees and operates in more than 70 countries. Biotronik offers the market a complete product comprising pacemakers, implantable defibrillators (ICD), electrophysiology (EP) and interventional cardiology (VI). Biotronik enables the only supplier in the market wireless monitoring of pacemaker and ICD via the GSM network. Home Monitoring provides the treating physician full control of their patients via telemedicine

The leading company for continuous non-invasive blood pressure measurement, autonomic testing and hemodynamics! Finapres® NOVA is the latest innovative equipment for continuous blood pressure measurement using just one finger cuff. You can for example expand the system with an remote control option and make individual indication based test programs.

Vasomedical EECP® - enhanced external counterpulsation treatment of refractory angina and heart failure. A new treatment that received CE approval from the US in 2001. Suppliers are Vasomedical Inc. The treatment has existed in the US since 1989 but developed back in the 50's. The treatment involves attaching a series cuffs around the patient's calves buttocks and thighs. The cuffs filled and emptied of air as the heart cycle and thus increasing perfusion during diastole. The patient is treated for 1 hour a day for 35 days. It has been in a randomized trial and several registry studies have seen increased quality of life (for about 75-80% of patients). It has seen the positive effects of Thallium scint, PET, rpST and growth factors and neurohormonal markers.

CNSystems is an Austrian company specializing in developing non-invasive medical devices. Their products are designed to evaluate several different medical conditions characterized by hemodynamic and autonomic changes. With these products you get up several interesting parameters such as: continuous blood pressure and heart rate, cardiac output and stroke volume, heart rate and blood pressure variability, baroreceptorreflex sensitivity, etc.